Benefits of Massage

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The fact that the wealth that we have our health. Disease prevention, it is easier to be treated. As long as we know what we ways.

Massage is one of the most effective methods among them.

Because the healing power of massage to another, there is the potential to prevent diseases and maintain the effect.

The most important scientific and clinical effect of massage as a final ones on the circulation of blood and lymph.

Increased fluid exchange of tissues, such as are supported to provide more abundant nutrient in the blood, increasing oxygen renewal of damaged muscle tissue makes them faster.

Accelerated blood, tissues, accelerates removal of metabolic wastes from where .. (Toxins etc).

Lymph flow accelerating the flow of lymph fluid collections in the non-joining of blood vessels plays an active role. (useful substances to give blood again, disposing of pests faster.)

Trying the tired muscles, massage is done, relax and unwind in a restful much more quickly than the time passed.

However, no effect on blood circulation and muscles are much better fed, resistance wins.

 Massage, blood circulation, the lymphatic system and the muscles affected only indirectly, via nerve endings in a positive way etkilenir.İşte this massage the internal organs 'remote effect' is.

Rendezvous Biography Massagge Types Advantages History of the Massagge Media Room Contact Us

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