History of the Massagge

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Is difficult to say which began the history of massage.

Start of massage with the birth of the world of humanity may be the right thing to say.

Because the first humans, such as sore or aching and tired body, kneading the steering naturally, decreasing pain and suffering as a result of pipe type, the fatigue.

Surely one of the first human speech, even though the job of learning how to learn. It hurts the most primitive language habitually licking or praised by the hand, the hand with the point of a sore stomach soreness and pain decreased pressure that we observe.

Hygeis daughter of Aesculapius and the god Apollo god of ancient Greek mythology is a relaxing massage. The best job in the world of patience and observation of the science of representatives of the Chinese Chen-chin know the first birth from 5000 years ago, Chinese massage and acupressure points according to their own suppressing pain and illness is estimated to spend.

Because acupuncture akupressur'dür's father. BC In 3000 there began the eternal struggle massage partner central Asia, Turkey historical events become history.

BC Kinmeinne'nin written in honor of 200 years during the reign of Emperor NARA Nei Ching (Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine laws) mentioned in his book, the massage is known as a scientific classification.


This is one of the gates of the spread of knowledge is known as Japan.

Rendezvous Biography Massagge Types Advantages History of the Massagge Media Room Contact Us

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