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Generally, that helps the body to be fit, in order to get rid of stress and fatigue applied, rest and relaxation type of massage is based on the method. Anatomically, this massage is done, your body into shape, accelerating blood circulation, relieve muscle and joints, together with SPA massage you will feel.

Local edema and discharging of toxins in the body that cause cellulite, cellulite is caused by malformations of the circulatory system and the organization of a type of massage that provides repair. This method of massage cellulite you have saved, as applied to practice a preventive. When you receive this massage on a regular basis, fully enjoy the privilege of having a body free of cellulite problems.

Particular, a specific type of massage is applied before or after sports activities. Aims to prevent injuries and increase athletic success.
Sport Massage yourself to feel stronger and more energetic. With this massage, a muscle structure more flexible, safe and effective, enjoy sports.

This massage usually focuses on back and neck. Objectives of the extremely tense areas provide relaxation and relief. At the same time relaxing massage in the direction of the supporting feature offers medical treatment.
In accordance with therapists need to focus on the desired area. Local strain and effective solution for the ones who complaint.

Be manipulated by hand to ensure the flow of lymph fluid in the free technique. Bodies with edema toxin accumulation acne skin before and after surgery the lymph circulation and calms the skin with a soft massage is a method of regulating the peripheral tissues.

Rendezvous Biography Massagge Types Advantages History of the Massagge Media Room Contact Us

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